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Codelocks KL1200 Electronic Cabinet Lock

Model: KL1200

 List Price: $120.00
 Our Price: $81.00
Available Options:
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All the benefits of the KL1000 but tougher and more robust for challenging environments. With additional programming features, stainless steel buttons, dual fixing points and improved number of operations, the KL1200 provides enhanced benefits to facilities managers looking to simplify access control without the need for keys.


Technical Specifications

Power: 2 x 1.5 AAA Batteries

50,000 openings

Low Battery: When lock signals “Low Battery” there will be 100 additional openings.

Memory: Non Volatile memory will be retained when changing batteries Battery

Override: A 9volt battery can be placed against external contacts

Material: Zinc Alloy

Door thickness: 1/16” (1.5mm) up to 1” (25mm)

Buttons: 11 stainless steel buttons with audible press

Fitting: Vertical

Cam Fixing Point: 8mm (5/16”) square

Finish: Silver grey

Codes: KitLock has 4 code levels; Master code, Sub-Master Code, User Code and Technician Code.

How does a KL1200 operate?
Private Use
This is the most common function and used where the same code will be repeatedly used, e.g. a pupil in a school or an employee with the same locker in the workplace.

Public Use
In this function the KitLock operates with a single User Code. The guest enters a personal four-digit code. This locks the lock. The same code is entered once only to open the lock before being erased and ready for the next user. This function is used for short term, multi occupancy applications, e.g. a locker in a leisure centre.



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