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Detex BE-961-2 Battery Eliminator

Model: BE-961-2

 List Price: $307.00
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The BE-961 Battery Eliminator is designed to power security devices such as the Detex ECL-230D, ECL-230X Series, ECL-600 battery powered series exit control locks and V40 alarmed rim exit device without reliance on batteries. Converts AC power to DC for supplying battery-operated devices.

Detex BE-961-2 Battery Eliminator - 120VAC to 9VDC Includes 10’ Flex Conduit Powers up to 3 ECLs with Supervisory Loop Power, alarm and LED (For use with ECL-230 & ECL-600 Series only)


• Powers security devices without reliance on batteries

• Eliminating the need to annually change 9 volt batteries, saves money, prevents unnecessary battery disposal and creates a greener process

• May be installed on the wall adjacent to the protected door quickly and easily

• 10’ Flexible armored cable connects the battery eliminator to the security device without interfering with door use

• LED provides visual status of power

• For extra security, the connecting cable may be concealed in the door using a continuous electric hinge


• BE-961-2 Battery Eliminator Power Supplies:

120VAC transformer to 12VAC, 12VAC to 9VDC circuit board includes secure power/ supervisory loop (cutting 9V power will sound BE-961-2 alarm) Note: For use with ECL products only

• The BE-961-2 includes an internal alarm which sounds at 95dB if the secure power feed wires are cut or when the ECL unit sounds (for use with ECL products only)

Technical Information

• 9VDC outputs, jumper selectable to the security device

• BE-961-1 and BE-961-2 come with an external transformer

• Current Output Capacity - .5 Amp

• Line input transient suppression is a standard feature

Detex Limited Warranty

3 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Model: Detex BE-961-2, BE961-2,  BE9612,  BE961 2, BE 961 2

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