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Detex MS-1039S / MS-1059S Economical Surface Mounted Magnetic Switch

Model: MS-1039S / MS-1059S

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These magnetic switches are designed primarily to serve as sensing devices to detect the opening of a door or window; to assure that a protected door is securely under surveillance; to serve as a trigger for a wall-mounted Detex Exit Alarm; to signal that a door has been inadvertently left open; and to be used as a direct switch to set off many kinds of audio and visual alarms.

Detex MS-1039S / MS-1059S Economical Surface Mounted Magnetic Switch


Anti-Tamper Design

Serves as a trigger for alarms or remote monitors

Provides assurance that protected doors are under surveillance

Simple Installation

BMS - Balanced Magnetic Switch provides improved security


Polarity selection is non-critical

Durable Magnet

Color selection white/brown

Wide range of alarm and signal applications

Technical Information

Surface switches have Max. Contact rating 30VDC @ 250mA

For use on steel, aluminum or wood doors and frames

Overhead (preferred) or latch-stile mounting available for all models

Switch - single pole, single throw (SPST)

Normally closed contact

Detex Limited Warranty

3 Years Limited Manufacturers Warranty

Model: Detex MS-1039S, MS-1059S, MS1059S, MS1039S


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