Detex V40 EB W CD, Battery Powered Alarmed Weatherized Rim Exit Device

Model: V40EBWCD

  • Detex V40 EB W CD, Battery Powered Alarmed Weatherized Rim Exit Device
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The V40xEBxW device option is designed for doors and gates requiring a stand alone, battery powered, alarmed, weatherized panic device. The alarm, with approximately 100dB, will sound when someone attempts to exit, alerting management that an unauthorized exit has occurred.
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Detex V40 EB W CD, Battery Powered Alarmed Weatherized Rim Exit Device

EB W Weatherized Exit Alarm - Battery Powered
Standard Package Includes:
- Switch monitors pushpad movement and triggers alarm
- Remote signaling, remote bypass, pushpad monitoring
- Green & Red LED, cylinder arming, 9-volt battery and piezo horn
- Manual Key Arming standard or field-selectable 2-minute auto rearm
- Remote Alarm Relay output (std.) Common, Normally Open or Normally Closed Relay contacts
- Bypass Alarm Relay input (std.) Normally Open Relay Contacts
- Low-Battery Alert (std.), field-selectable option to remove backup battery / disable low-battery alert
- Cylinder Dogging (CD) standard or Less Dogging (LD - NOTE: Fire Rated devices come LD only)
- Pushpad Signage "Push to Open Alarm Will Sound"

Trims For the V40 series are:
01P, 01PN, 02A, 02AN, 02WP, 03P, 03PN, 03CN, 03WS, 03A, 03AN, 02BN08BN, 09BN, 14BN.

36 - Fits 36" Door Width
48 - Fits 48" Door Width

Powered by standard, 9-volt battery

Door Thickness: 1-3/4" - 2-1/4"

Door Stile: Fits 2-1/2" stile doors with 98 semi-mortise strike - Fits standard doors with 99 strike

NSK - Narrow Kit - for 2" narrow stile glass door applications (Option)

Fasteners: Machine and Self-Drilling Screws

Cylinder Dogging (CD) Standard

Stainless steel, 3/4" deadlocking Pullman-type latch bolt

Single mortise 1-1/8" cylinder (sold separate) provides arming and dogging - 1/8 turn cylinder dogging

Field selectable key rearm or 2 min. auto rearm

Visual and audible arming indicators

Armed and disarmed field selectable status indicator

100+ Decibel alarm

In addition to listing as UL panic and fire exit hardware device, this device conforms to MIL-STD 810F Method 506.4 (driving rain test), MIL-STD 810F, Method 509.4 (salt fog test) and UBC standard 7-2 (positive pressure).

10 Year Mechanical/3 Year Electrical  - Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Model: Detex, V40EBxW, V40xEBxW, V40EBW, V40EBWCD, V40EBWCD628, V40EBWCD6289936, V40xW EB CD6289948, V40EBWCD711, V40EBWCD7119936, V40EBWCD7119948


UL Listed Panic Hardware: UL Listed Fire Exit Hardware for 3 hours, maximum 4'x10' single doors and pairs of? 4'x8' with F90KR keyed removable Mullion

Meets ADA requirements UBC 97, Standard 7-2 and UL10C for positive pressure

ANSI/BHMA certified A156.3

Meets NFPA 80 & 101 for Life Safety

Miami-Dade County, Florida NOA 10-0303.02

State of Florida Approval FL9052 EXP. 04/07/15

California State Fire Marshall -4140-0127:105 and 3725-0127:108

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