Hager 4501SVR Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device

Model: 4501SVR

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Hager 4501SVR Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device

Description And Features:

COVERS: Stainless steel, zinc

COVER TUBE: Aluminum

END CAPS: Standard end cap (zinc)


36'' (914 mm) field sizeable to 30'' (762 mm) panic-rated door and 28" (711 mm) firerated door

48'' (1219 mm) field sizeable to 36'' (914 mm) panic- or fire-rated door

DOOR HEIGHT:  7' (84) (2134 mm) - Standard

DOOR THICKNESS: 1-3/4" (44 mm) - Standard up to 3", except with night latch which is 2-1/2"


3" (76 mm) in undogged position

2-5/8" ( 67 mm) in dogged postion


5-3/8" (137 mm) minimum stile width required for single door and 5/8" (16 mm)

4-7/8" (124 mm) minimum stile width required for double doors

4-7/8" (124 mm) minimum stile width required for double door x Rim device with
double door strike

All stile widths are measured from door edge

FASTENERS: Wood and machine screws, Thru-bolts


Top - 1/2" (13 mm) throw, Pullman type with automatic dead-latching, stainless

Bottom - 1/2" (13 mm) throw, Pullman type, held retracted during door swing,
stainless steel


Stainless steel with plated rollers - Included standard with panic devices

Solid stainless steel - Included standard with fire rated devices

Surface applied to frame with slotted holes for easy adjustment

DOGGING: Hex key dogging standard on panic rated devices


3" (76 mm) in undogged position
2-5/8" (67 mm) in dogged position

Center line prep is 40". If door prep elevation is lower, a longer rod will need to be ordered.
Recommended to be used on appropriately reinforced doors


BHMA Certified ANSI A156.3 Grade 1

UL305 Listed for Panic Hardware

UL10C Positive Pressure Rated

UL10B Neutral Pressure Rated

Complies with ANSI 117.1 for accessible buildings and facilities

Miami Dade NOA #11-1219.14 compliant. Must specify. Also complies with

ANSI A 250.13 Severe Windstorm Resistant.

Model: Hager 4501SVRO3626D, 4501SVRO3610B, 4501SVR, 4501-SVR-O-36-10B, 4501  SVR O 36 26D, 4501SVR3610B, 4501SVR 36 US10B, 4501-SVR-36-US10B, 4501SVR36US10B, 4501SVR36-US26D,  4501SVRIMO4810B, 4501SVRIM, 4501-SVR-O-48-26D, 4501  SVR O 4826D, 4501SVR4810B, 4501SVR 48 US26D, 4501-SVR-48-US10B, 4501SVR48US26D, 4501SVR48-US10B



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