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HID 1346 Prox Key Fob III - 26 Bit

Model: 1346

 List Price: $9.63
 Our Price: $4.90


In Stock.

Proxkey III Keyfob


HID 1346 Prox Key Fob III - 26 Bit


The RF-programmable ProxKeyII proximity keyfob incorporates proximity

technology into a convenient device approximately the size of an automotive key.


Offers universal compatibility with all HID proximity readers.

Provides an external number for easy identification and control.

Can be placed on a key ring for convenient entry.

Supports formats up to 85 bits, with over 137 billion codes.


Offers extremely consistent read range.

Unaffected by body shielding or variable environmental conditions, even when close to keys and coins.

Can be carried with keys in pocket or handbag.

Passive, no-battery design allows for an infinite number of reads.

Strong, flexible and resistant to cracking and breaking.

Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship (see complete sales policy for details).

Typical Maximum* Read Range

ProxPoint? Plus reader-up to 1.5? (3.7 cm)

MiniProx? reader-up to 2? (5 cm)

ThinLine? II reader-up to 2? (5 cm)

ProxPro? reader-up to 3? (7.5 cm)

ProxPro? II reader-up to 4? (10.2 cm)

Prox80?-up to 2? (5.1 cm)

MaxiProx? reader-up to 12? (28 cm)

*Dependent on local installation conditions.


1.90? x 0.900? x 0.550?

(4.3 x 2.29 x 1.4 cm)

Keyfob Construction

Ultrasonically welded, ABS shell

Operating Temperature

-50? to 160? F (-45? to 70? C)


0.26 oz. (7.4 gm)

Part Number

Base Part No. 1346


RF-programmable, 125 kHz, charcoal gray, customer-specified

ID Numbers, key ring included.

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