Ives 482 Solid Bar Door Guard

Model: 482

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Meets ANSI/BHMA A156.16
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Ives 482 Solid Bar Door Guard

For use on doors that are flush with frames.

The solid bar, interlocking with the ball on the strike plate, permits the door to be slightly opened to allow viewing.

The hinged bar allows the door guard to be positioned 180away from the door when not in use.

Edge guard only, furnished with cast brass door guards, minimizes the chance for marring the door or frame.

Strike plate is designed to prevent the solid bar from marring the

inside of the door when in use.

Made from cast brass or cast aluminum.

Packed with sheet metal screws.

Shims available in US26D (626) only, 1/8or 3/8?.

Cast Brass Dimensions

Strike Plate: 2-5/8" High x 1-1/32" Wide

Holder: 1-3/4" High x 1-1/16" Wide

Arm Length: 4-3/4"

Edge Guard: 1-1/8" High x 1-1/32" Wide

Cast Aluminum Dimensions

Strike Plate: 2-1/2" High x 7/8" Wide

Holder: 2-1/2" High x 15/16" Wide

Arm Length: 3-13/16"

A3 (US3) Bright Brass, Clear Coat (666)
A5 (US5) Satin Brass, Blackened, Satin Relieved
A26 (US26) Bright Chrome (672)
A26D (US26D) Satin Chrome (702)

B3 (US3) Bright Brass, Clear Coat (605)
B4 (US4) Satin Brass, Clear Coat (606)
B10 (US10) Satin Bronze, Clear Coat (612)
B10B (US10B) Dark Bronze, Oil Rubbed (613)
B15 (US15) Satin Nickel, Clear Coat (619)
B26 (US26) Bright Chrome (625)
B26D (US26D) Satin Chrome (626)
B716 Aged Bronze Brass/Bronze

482A2, 482A5, 482A26, 482A26D, 482B3, 482B4, 482B10, 482B10B, 482B15, 482B26, 482B26D, 482B716

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