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Ives COR32 Door Coodinator, 32" Channel for Pair of 2'0" Doors

Model: COR32

  • Ives COR32 Door Coodinator, 32" Channel for Pair of 2'0" Doors
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Meets ANSI/BHMA A156.3, Type 21A. UL Listed for installation on labeled frame.
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Ives COR32 Door Coodinator, 32" Channel for Pair of 2'0" Doors

The COR Series Coordinators are designed for use on pairs of doors when one door needs to close before the other.

All COR units function easily. The active door lever, located nearest to the active stop, holds the active door open until the trigger mechanism is released by the closing of the inactive leaf.

All COR units may not function correctly with swingclear hinges.

All COR units are equipped with an adjustable override feature which allows the active door to close under extreme pressure.

All COR units are compatible with Flush Bolts.

The COR Series is available in five sizes for variable door opening widths.

The COR Series does not cover the entire length of the stop, so a FL filler bar can be provided to maintain architecturally clean lines.

COR Series Coordinator Channels and FL fillers are made of aluminum.

Optional Filler Bars: FL20 - 20" available to maintain clean line.(See Below)

Optional Mounting Brackets available: MB1, MB2, MB1F, MB2F, MB3F, MB1V, MB2V, and MB3V for other stop applied hardware.(See Below)

US28 - Aluminum (628)
315AN - Black Anodizes (711)
US26D - Satin Chrome (626)

Model: COR32, COR32US28, COR32315AN, COR32US26D


For Openings Where Doors Are Same Size

COR32 32" 34" - 52" Pair of 2'0" Doors

COR42 42" 52" - 72" Pair of 2'6" Doors

COR52 52" 62" - 92" Pair of 3'0" Doors

COR60 60" 70" - 108" Pair of 3'6" Doors

COR72 72" 84" - 132" Pair of 4'0" Doors

For Openings Where Doors Are Unequal Size

The coordinator length should equal the active door width plus

approximately 1/2 the inactive door width. The coordinator must

be 6" longer than the active door width and shorter than the overall

frame opening between stops.

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