Ives WS45 Automatic Wall Holder (for drywall mounting)

Model: WS45

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Meets ANSI/BHMA 156.16, L11291 for brass and L31291 for aluminum.
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Ives WS45 Automatic Wall Holder (for drywall mounting)

Constructed of cast brass, bronze or aluminum.

Spring loaded roller rides up the face of the strike, seating itself on the strike, holding the door firmly in the open position.

A heavy rubber pad cushions the shock and absorbs the sound.

With unit mounted on door and the strike on wall, vertical adjustment is available on body.

The strike is adjustable 45 degrees left or right, both adjustments easily accomplished at time of installation or at a later date.

Furnished with wood screws for drywall mounting.


Base Height: 3-11/16"

Base Width: 3" Base Projection: 2"

Engaged Projection: 3-7/16"

Strike Diameter: 2-3/8

Strike Projection: 3"

US3 - Bright Brass (605)
US4 - Satin Brass (606) 
US10 - Satin Bronze (612) 
US10B - Oil Rubbed Bronze (613) 
US26 - Bright Chrome (625)
US26D - Satin Chrome (626)
US28 - Aluminum (628)

WS45US3, WS45US4, WS45US10, WS45US10B, WS45US26, WS45US26D, WS45US28


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