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LCN 4314 ME SF Sentronic Holder / Closer

Model: 4314ME

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The 4310ME SENTRONIC is a heavy duty, electrically controlled closer/holder designed to provide infinitely adjustable hold-open for fire and smoke barrier doors. Door is held open until current interruption releases mechanism and the door closes. Single lever (track) arm closer is specifically designed for interior doors. Choice of finishes, cylinder functions, and installation accessories meet virtually all life safety requirements.

LCN 4314 ME SF Sentronic Holder/Closer - Multi-Point x Swing Free, Electronic Hold Open.

Powder Coat


LCN 4300ME:

  • Functions as full rack and pinion door closer when hold-open is not
    engaged or current is interrupted with Swing-Free arm engaged. 
  • Swing-Free arm allows door to be moved without door closer resistance
  • Built-in On/Off switch controls hold-open function.
  • Concealed or exposed electrical connections.
  • Interfaces with alarm systems. Consult factory for full details.

Power size: Sized cylinder for interior doors to 4?0.

Handing: Handed for right or left swinging door.

UL: The 4310ME is UL listed for smoke barrier or labeled fire doors.

ANSI: Tested and certified under ANSI Standard A156.15. Conforms to life safety code, NFPA 101. An ME provides only the closer/holder function.

ME Electrical Options: These assemblies have a single electrical circuit with a choice of voltages. A separate TRANSFORMER, 4040SE-3210, can be used to reduce line voltage to 24V AC. Circuitry accepts either AC or DC input. 24V holding solenoid (24) or 120V holding solenoid (120).

Cover: Handed metal cover.

Screw Pack: Packed w/TBWMS (Thru Bolts, Wood & Machine Screws)


Model: LCN, 4314ME-SF 120V RH AL, 4314ME-SF 120V LH AL, 4314ME-SF 120V RH DKBRZ, 4314ME-SF 120V LH DKBRZ, 4314ME-SF 24V RH AL, 4314ME-SF 24V LH AL, 4314ME-SF 24V LH DKBRZ, 4314ME-SF 24V RH DKBRZ , 4314ME-SF, 4314ME, 4314MESF.

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