Rixon 195 LTP Pivot Hinge, Less Top Pivot, 3/4 Offset

Model: 195LTP

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Pivots & Pivot Sets are designed to work with the laws of physics, pivots provide the perfect means of hanging a door.

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Rixon 195 LTP Pivot Hinge Less Top Pivot, 3/4 Offset


• Exterior or Interior Doors

• Weight to 450 lbs.*

• Door Width up to 4'0" (1219mm)

• Handed

• Jamb Attached Pivot Set

* Door size & weight guidelines are determined using the appropriate number of intermediate pivots


• 119 or M19 intermediate pivots are recommended (order separately)

• Bottom pivot mortised into side jamb

• Pivot hinge can be vertically adjusted up to 3/16" (5mm) after installation without the use of shims

• Doors 60" (1524mm) to 90" (2286mm) in height should use one intermediate pivot. Each additional 30" (762mm) of door height warrants another intermediate pivot

• Non-ferrous base material

• 3/4" (19mm) offset (measured from centerline of pivot to face of door)

• Door edges must be beveled 1/8" in 2"

• Weight of door is borne by floor portion

• Furnished with wood and machine screws

• Extended spindles available in 1/2" (13mm) increments up to 2" (51mm) longer than standard

• Doors will swing 180°, trim permitting

Model: Rixon 195 LTP RH 613, 195 LTP RH 619, 195 LTP RH 626, 195LTPRH-613, 195-LTP-RH-619, 195-LTP-RH-626, 195LTPRH 195 LTP LH 613, 195 LTP LH 619, 195 LTP LH 626, 195LTPLH-613, 195-LTP-LH-619, 195 LTP LH-626   

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