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Sargent 28-11U68 Hospital Privacy Lever Set
Sargent 28-11U68 Hospital Privacy Lever Set
Product Code: 2811U68
$563.00 $304.02

Sargent 11G30 Communicating Lock
Sargent 11G30 Communicating Lock
Product Code: 11G30
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Sargent 28-11G37 Classroom Lever Lock
Sargent 28-11G37 Classroom Lever Lock
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Sargent 11U94 Double Lever Pull

Model: 11U94

 List Price: $456.00
 Our Price: $246.24
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The SARGENT T-Zone sets a higher standard for Grade 1 bored-in locks. The unique T-Zone construction provides unequalled strength and durability for the most demanding applications such as schools and hospitals. This is accomplished by true interlocking between the lockbody and the latch far exceeding the 156.2Series 4000 Grade 1 standards like no other lock can

Sargent 11U94 Double Lever Pull

For wood or custom hollow metal doors Lever and rose both sides joined by one through-bolt and four surface applied screws each side (hidden)

Requires special door preparation see template

Lever: LL L Lever L Rose, LJ J Lever L Rose, LB B Lever L Rose, LP P Lever L Rose

Finishes: US3 (605) Bright Brass, US4 (606) Satin Brass, US10 (612) Satin Bronze, US10B (613) Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Oil Rubbed, US26 (625) Bright Chromium Plated, US26D (626) Satin Chromium Plated

Meets and greatly exceeds ANSI A156.2 Series 4000 - Grade 1

Non handed/field reversible

Accommodates doors 1-3/4" to 2" thick; also available for doors 2-1/4" to 2-1/2" thick (31- prefix)

10 Year limited warranty. No service required to maintain warranty

Model: Sargent, 11U94, 11U94LL, 11U94LP, 11U94LB, 11U94LJ, US26D, 626, 11U94LL26D, 11U94LP26D, 11U94LB26D, 11U94LJ26D, US26, 625, 11U94LL26, 11U94LP26, 11U94LB26, 11U94LJ26, S10, 612, 11U94LL10, 11U94LP10, 11U94LB10, 11U94LJ10, US10B, 613, 11U94LL10B, 11U94LP10B, 11U94LB10B, 11U94LJ10B, US3, 605, 11U94LL3, 11U94LP3, 11U94LB3, 11U94LJ3, US4, 606, 11U94LL4, 11U94LP4, 11U94LB4, 11U94LJ4

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