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Sargent 5810F-EN Alarmed Exit Lock - Exit Only - Aluminum

Model: 5810F-EN

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SARGENT's 5800 Series Alarmed Exit Devices are designed for areas requiring a stand-alone alarm on outward swinging doors. This device has an integrated alarm to discourage the unauthorized use of emergency exit doors.

Sargent 5810F-EN Alarmed Exit Lock - Exit Only - Aluminum

Touch bar assembly (5800 & 12-5800) is rolled steel. Cover and chassis are nonferrous alloys

For Doors 1-3/4" thick standard with a 4-1/2" minimum stile width. Furnished with wood and machine screws.

Touch Bar  for 33"-36" doors. The 5800 Series furnished with lock down feature

Hand Reversible. Exit alarms are packed right hand reverse bevel (RHRB)

Strike 649 strike supplied standard for panic

Electronics Modern, solid state circuitry

Power Source Battery powered by a 9 volt alkaline-type. Quick disconnect is provided for fast, easy battery maintenance. Current draw is 130 mA

Alarm Dual frequency pulsating-type horns are provided to cover a wide range of hearing sensitivities. Horns are activated by any unauthorized latchbolt movement or the attempted removal of the cover. A 15 second delay feature allows the alarm to be activated while the door is open permitting a person to pass through the door without sounding the alarm. The horns, once activated, will sound for approximately two minutes, then shut off and automatically rearm.

Memory LED Light A red LED alarm light is provided which flashes to indicate a violation has occurred. The LED will continue to flash  beyond the alarm cycle to indicate where the violation has occurred. The LED light can be turned off only by inside key operation

Low Battery Alert  The horn will “chirp” on an intermittent basis

Latchbolt Stainless steel. A full 3/4" bolt is monitored by an electronic sensing system

Cylinder Operation Key inside arms and disarms unit. The horn will emit a short “chirp” as the colored alarm indicator flag is switched to  the ON position. The unit has a 15 second delay feature to allow for exit. Mortise cylinder 41 furnished.

UL Listed UL listed for Panic & 12-5800 UL Listed for Panic and Fire Exit Hardware

ANSI Standards 5800/12-5800 conform to A156.3 and comply with A117.1 for Accessibility Standards

Suited For:
Rear Exterior Doors
Doors Leading to Rooftops
Rear Retail Exit Doors


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