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Sargent KP8276 Keypad Stand Alone Mortise Lock W/ Cylinder Override and Deadbolt

Model: KP8276

 List Price: $1,228.00
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SARGENT's KP Series keypad lock is designed for areas that require stand-alone 'authorized entry' capability. They are battery powered, motor driven, self contained locks that use a microprocessor based controller with non-volatile memory.

Sargent KP8276 Keypad Stand Alone Mortise Lock With Cylinder override and deadbolt

Keypad Mortise Lock Functions:

• Deadlatch deadlocks latchbolt
• Inside lever retracts latchbolt (and deadbolt simultaneously) at all times

Cylinder Override Function features:

• Key outside retracts latchbolt
• Cylinder override requires a #41 Cylinder (1-1/8")

Deadbolt Function features:

• When deadbolt thrown, outside lever operable only with Emergency or Master code
• 1" hardened stainless steel deadbolt
• Thumbturn retracts and projects deadbolt


Easily programmable at keypad

Operating temperature for keypad: 4°F – 140°F

Operates with 4 “C" alkaline batteries (included)

Low battery indication - four chirps after code entry

External battery input connector included to power unit in case of battery failure

100 user codes - over 1,100,000 possible user combinations

One master code - assigns emergency, supervisory, and user codes

‘One Time’ user codes allows visitors ‘one time’ entry

Unit can be put in ‘passage only‘ mode at keypad

One supervisory code - allows temporary lockout of selected users, changes unlock time duration, requests infrared interrogation output, and may add user codes

Operates utilizing any one to six digits per code - digits may be repeated or start with ‘0’

Entry of three wrong user codes in succession disables all codes for ten seconds

Piezo horn sounds with each keystroke or can be disabled through master or supervisory codes

UL listed for fire doors

UL listed to Canadian safety standards

Mechanical Features

• Certified to ANSI/BHMA A156.13 Series 1000 Operational Grade 1 and Security Grade 1 with all standard trims

• Motor driven 8200 Series mortise lock

• Stainless steel 3⁄4" (19mm) projection one-piece, anti-friction reversible latch

• Stainless steel non-handed auxiliary deadlatch

• Specify hand on order. Easily field reversible without disassembling lock body

• Includes code to activate horn when keypad buttons are pushed

• Lever trim through-bolted for increased security and durability

• 1-3/4" (44mm) door standard. Consult factory for other thicknesses

• 4-3/4" (121mm) minimum stile for electrical function locks


Keypad made of ultraviolet stable textured material

Infrared link to DTD to view audit trials

Three LED’s on keypad - green indicated unlocked - yellow indicates programming mode, flashing green and yellow indicates deadbolt thrown

Unlock time adjustable

Built-in remote ‘Request to Enter’ requires connector

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