S.Parker 1631 Covered Chain Door Stop

Model: 1631

  • S.Parker 1631 Covered Chain Door Stop
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S.Parker 1631 Covered Chain Door Stop

Description & Features:

S. Parker's heavy duty 1631 series of covered steel chain door stops come in two finishes and four sizes, and are designed for heavy duty commercial use.

For exterior use

Top quality stopping and cushioning effects, use strong compression springs to maintain those qualities.

The vinyl cover protects door surfaces.

The chain door stops are complete with solid brass mounting plates.

Model: 1631 PB20, 1631 PB25, 1631 PB30, 1631 PB39, 1631PB20, 1631-PB25, 1631PB30, 1631-PB39, 1631 DCH20, 1631 DCH25, 1631 DCH30, 1631 DCH39, 1631DCH20, 1631-DCH25, 1631DCH30, 1631-DCH39

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