Stanley / BEST 9K30L Grade 1 Privacy Lever Lock

Model: 9K30L

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9K Heavy Duty Grade 1 Commercial Lever Lock
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Stanley / BEST 9K-3-0-L Grade 1 Privacy Lever Lock

Function: ANSI # F76 Privacy Lock Latch operated by: Rotating the inside lever Rotating the outside lever only when the inside push button is out

Outside Lever Locked by: Pushing the inside button

Outside Lever Unlocked by: Rotating the outside slotted button, Rotating the inside lever, Closing the door.

Inside Lever Locked by: Cannot be locked

Inside Lever Unlocked by: Always unlocked

Backset - 2 3/4" standard, 3 3/4" available.

Chassis - Critical latch and chassis components are brass or corrosion-treated steel. 2 1/16" diameter to fit 2 1/8" hole in door. (Conforms to ANSI A115.2).

Door thickness - Available for 1 3/4" to 2 1/4" doors only. Spacers available for 1 3/8" doors.

C - 3" Convex
D - 3 1/2" Convex
K - 3" Convex - no ring
L - 3 1/2" Convex - no ring

Finish - 605 (US3) bright brass, 612 (US10) satin bronze, 613 (US10B) oxidized satin bronze, oil rubbed, 626 (US26D) satin chromium plated

Lever handles - Lever handles are a high-quality zinc alloy. Trim components are brass or bronze. Body is approximately 5/8" in diameter; Handle is approximately 4 3/4" long (from center-line of chassis). #14 and #15 levers conform to California Administrative Code Title 19 and Title 24. All three styles of levers conform to the Illinois Accessibility Standard.

Mounting - In addition to standard door preparation (ANSI A115.2 for 1 3/4" doors), two additional holes are needed for through-bolts. Through-bolts require two 5/16 diameter holes located at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions. A drill jig can be order ed to insure accuracy of the holes.

Projection on door - Approx. 2 3/4" when mounted on 1 3/4" door.

Strike - S3: Conforms to ANSI A115.2 for 1 3/4" doors (4 7/8" x 1 1/4" with curved lip).

  • Rose locking pin and rose assembly design offers great torque resistance. It prevents the locking pin from twisting, bending, or breaking under attack.
  • The innovative design of the slotted key re lease cam and locking lug assembly create maximum attack resistance.
  • Even though damaged, the lock still allows key access. In addition, the lever is fully functional from the inside. The hub-mounted torsion spring and strong retractor springs help prevent lever sag and offer a smooth and snappy operation.
  • Strong through-bolt mounting studs increase torque resistance. Heavy rose liner material is highly attack resistant.
  • Strong retractor springs provide resistance to lever sag.
  • Zinc hubs with a shrouded lock ing lug, guaranteeing higher quality and increased torque re sis tance.
  • The outside lever sleeve is a seamless one piece construction made of a hardened steel alloy that provides additional reinforcement in the locking lug slot.

Model: Best Stanley 9K30L, 9K30L14DS3605, 9K30L14DS3612, 9K30L14DS3613, 9K30L14DS3626, 9K30L15DS3605, 9K30L15DS3612, 9K30L15DS3613, 9K30L15DS3626, 9K30L16DS3605, 9K30L16DS3612, 9K30L16DS3613, 9K30L16DS3626, 9K30L14CS3605, 9K30L14CS3612, 9K30L14CS3613, 9K30L14CS3626, 9K30L15CS3605, 9K30L15CS3612, 9K30L15CS3613, 9K30L15CS3626, 9K30L16CS3605, 9K30L16CS3612, 9K30L16CS3613, 9K30L16CS3626, 9K30L14KS3605, 9K30L14KS3612, 9K30L14KS3613, 9K30L14KS3626, 9K30L15KS3605, 9K30L15KS3612, 9K30L15KS3613, 9K30L15KS3626, 9K30L16KS3605, 9K30L16KS3612, 9K30L16KS3613, 9K30L16KS3626, 9K30L14LS3605, 9K30L14LS3612, 9K30L14LS3613, 9K30L14LS3626, 9K30L15LS3605, 9K30L15LS3612, 9K30L15LS3613, 9K30L15LS3626, 9K30L16LS3605, 9K30L16LS3612, 9K30L16LS3613, 9K30L16LS3626


  • ADA Americans With Disabilities Act: 9K series  The design and operation of the BEST cylindrical lock meets the intent of the standard for ANSI A117.1 section 404.2.6
  • Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association: 9K series  Listed by BHMA for A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 1.
  • Underwriters Laboratories: 9K series  Listed by Underwriters Laboratories for use on 3 Hr, A label for single or double swinging doors.
  • Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade County Code: 9K series  9/16 latch throw  Listed by Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade County at  75 PSF for single doors. 9K series  3/4" latch throw  Listed by Florida Building Code and Miami Dade County at  80 PSF for single doors and  50 PSF for double doors.
  • California State Fire Marshal: 9K series  Listed with California State Fire Marshal. 9K series 14 & 15 lever conforms with California Title 24.
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