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Tell LC1286 CTL Storeroom Lock

Model: LC1286 CTL

Tell Manufacturing
 List Price: $227.00
 Our Price: $118.04
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In Stock.

Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade 1 Leverset

Tell LC1286 CTL Storeroom Lock - ANSI F86

Deadlocking latchbolt operated by rotating inside lever or key in outside lever. Outside lever always fixed.

Performance: Complies with ANSI A156.2 - 2003, Series 4000, Grade 1, 800,000 cycles, UL listed for 3 hour fire door 

Lever: Non-handed, solid cast

Latch: 1-1/8" x 2-1/4", square corner faceplate, 1" housing diameter (stainless steel), 1/2" throw

Backset: 2-3/4"

Strike: Square corner 1-1/4" x 4-7/8th ANSI ASA Strike standard. also available with T Strike (1-1/8" x 2-3/4"), and F Strike (full lip)  
Door Range: 1-3/8" to 2"

Door Preparation: 2-1/8" diameter for lever, 1" diameter for latch bolt. Fits standard 161 door prep with through-bolting through the door.

Cylinder: Schlage (SCC), Schlage C 6-pin standard. also available with (SC5) 5-pin, Schlage E (SCE), Arrow A (ARA), Corbin 60 (C06), Corbin 59A1 (C059A1), Corbin Russwin L4 (CL4), Russwin D1 (RD1), Sargent LA (SAL), Schlage F (SCF), Weiser E (WRE), Yale 8 (YA8), Yale GA (YGA)

IC Keyway Cylinder: Prep. for Best small format interchangeable core Less core (00). Also available with core, Best A (BA), Best B (BB), Best C (BC), Best D (BD), Best E (BE), Best F (BF), Best G (BG), Best H (BH), Best J (BJ), Best K (BK), Best L (BL), Best M (BM), Best Q (BQ), Best U (BU), Black construction core (BLK).

Keying: Grand master key (GMK), construction master key (CMK), master key (MK), keyed different (KD), keyed alike (KA), interchangeable core uncombinated (IC), 0-bitted (0BIT)

Keys: Two nickel silver per lock cylinder

Warranty: 5 year limited 


Chassis: Cylindrical, steel - coated with zinc dichromate (corrosion resistance), freewheeling clutch (added security from hammer attacks), independent spring cages
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