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Schlage HL6 Push / Pull Latch (Hospital Latch)

Model: HL6

Schlage Locks
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Schlage offers a complete line of door hardware, providing solutions for the most complex door control problems. The HL6 Push/Pull Latch offers versatility and durability for commercial and institutional settings.

Schlage HL6 Push/Pull Latch (Hospital Latch)

The sleek design has a short throw angle, allowing the door to be opened with an easy push or pull action, even when hands are not free.

Designed for commercial and institutional doors up to 1-3/4", including single fire doors.


UL listed for all single labeled metal or wood doors

Mounts in any of six positions
–Handles down
–Handles up
–One handle up, one handle down (either push or pull)
–Handles point away from latch
–Handles point toward latch (7" backset must be used)

US3, US4, US10, US10B, US26, US26D, US32D

Model: HL6, HL6US26D, HL6US26D-2, HL6US26D-2-A, HL6US26D2, HL6US26D2A, HL6US26D-5, HL6US26D-5-A, HL6US26D5, HL6US26D5A, HL6US3, HL6US3-2, HL6US3-2-A, HL6US32, HL6US32A, HL6US3-5, HL6US3-5-A, HL6US35, HL6US35A, HL6US32D, HL6US32D-2, HL6US32D-2-A, HL6US32D2, HL6US32D2A, HL6US32D-5, HL6US32D-5-A, HL6US32D5, HL6US32D5A


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